Affiliate Program

“Happy Relations” online game training

We proceed from the assumption that it is possible to master the skills necessary for achieving one’s goal provided that a person trains him-\herself every day ― in a group game with up to 4 players and under the guidance of an experienced personal supervisor and consultant.

In the Affiliate Program we undertake an obligation to carry out the Training with maximum interest and efficiency for the participants.

At present we offer a choice of two Affiliate Program Plans for the “Happy Relations” Training:

Plan 1

25% с первого платежа

You earn 25% of the first payment for the Training of each participant who enters the site using your personal affiliate link. 

Advantages of Plan 1:

You are guaranteed to earn more than according to Plan 2 if a participant pays for a whole period of the Training or if he/she suspends his/her participation in the Training after the first stage. 


Plan 2

14% с каждого платежа в течение 6 месяцев

You earn 14% of every payment for the Training during 5 months from the moment of each participant’s registration on the site provided he/she enters the site using your personal affiliate link. 

Advantages of Plan 2:

If a participant undergoes all the Training and pays for each stage separately, you earn almost 70% more than according to Plan 1. 

Registering as our Affiliate you accept the terms of the corresponding Affiliate Agreement and agree to comply with its conditions.

We believe that our collaboration is going to be successful and mutually beneficial and we will continue it in the future with new programs and projects of Vislinsky Club!