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The training starts as soon as the group is formed.

We invite you to participate in Business Workshop —
this is a unique opportunity to train your entrepreneurial skills and receive investments for starting and developing your own business!

Every month we select up to 100 people who want to start and develop their own business for participation in Pavel Klimets Business Workshop.

The Business Workshop program consists of the three main stages:

online training-test

Training and testing business qualities

Creating a presentation of the Business Project

under the supervision of the business consultant

of the Project

in front of the Investment Board

The Terms

The participants may choose the terms and cost of the Training-test depending on their workload. We offer two variants:

Variant I. 30 days.

This is the most intensive variant and it will do for those who can spend 5-7 hours a day in the Business Workshop. If a participant cannot manage within 30 days, he/she may take another thirty-day period for the same price.

Variant II. 60 days.

The second variant is intended for people who spend much time working or studying and may spare only 2-3 hours a day for the Training-test. If a participant doesn’t keep within two-month term, he/she cannot pass on to the next stages of the Business Workshop.

The Advantages

  • Participation in the Business Workshop directly from you home (office) at the convenient time
  • Possibility to choose the terms of the training
  • Access to the online simulator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Opportunity to establish useful contacts and make helpful acquaintances
  • Comprehensive analysis of your own business project
  • Good chances to receive investments and develop your own business from the ground up

Special Offer to Businessmen

We have prepared a special offer for those businessmen who are already running their own businesses and are interested in attracting additional investments though they have no time (and, possibly, no necessity) for participating in the Training-test.

In such case, we offer you not to take part in the Training-test. Instead, during 3-4 hours you play one game session on “The Master” online game simulator together with several supervisors of the Business Workshop. After the session the supervisors write their comments and opinions about your game and submit them to the Investor.

Having played this special game session, you and your business consultant start preparing a presentation of your business project for the Investment Board.

The cost of a special game session is 500 VSD (1 Vislinsky Dollar = 1 USD).

Pavel Klimets’ Appeal

Proceeding from my many years’ experience of working with investment projects, I have come to the conclusion that success of a new project depends not only and not so much upon the attractiveness of a business idea as upon the entrepreneurial skills of the people who realize the project. All the more so, who can feel the attractiveness of the idea more keenly than its author?! Who could imagine 7 years ago that a system of public messages containing not more than 140 symbols would become so popular among hundreds million of people?!

My first question when I am offered a new “super” idea is: who is going to implement this idea? Does this person or this team possess the necessary qualities and skills enabling them to succeed? Having analyzed the personalities of the successful businessmen I know, having remembered what helped me to develop my businesses, I have made a list of personal qualities and skills which, to my mind, are necessary for successful entrepreneurial activities. I am convinced that a person possessing these qualities has much more chances to realize his/her business ideas, and our investments will be protected better in this case.

That is why we have designed a project of Business Workshop for entrepreneurs — for those people who want to start a new business or develop the existing one, who realize their dreams and ideas, who run risks and take responsibility upon themselves.

Of course, it is possible and necessary to develop entrepreneurial qualities. Still, it is rather hard to do during 1-2 months of the training the Business Workshop starts with. So, this was the reason we called the first stage of the Business Workshop a training-test. First we give the participants a clear description of the necessary business qualities, and then we offer them tools for practicing and displaying these qualities throughout the training. And we are ready to work on the individual business projects only with those participants who have successfully passed the training-test within the required terms.

The program of the Business Workshop is interesting, intensive and informative. You may successfully undergo it and receive investments only when you demonstrate your ability to learn new materials properly, develop your project flexibly and creatively, practice new skills thoroughly, display responsible attitude to meetings and classes, organize your time, communicate with other participants of the program professionally and correctly.

Having successfully passed your training exams you switch over to the second stage. On this stage you start a comprehensive analysis of your own business project under the guidance of a professional business consultant — you create a presentation for addressing the Investment Board. If your project is approved by the Board, you get investments. If you do not have a clear idea of your own business project, you may be offered an interesting job in one of our companies.

In any case — welcome to the “Olimp” Group of Companies!

Pavel A. Klimets
Honorary President of the “Olimp” Group of Companies

Participation in the Business Workshop

To start participating in Pavel Klimets Business Workshop take three simple consecutive steps:

  1. Sign up for the Business Workshop

    Specify your contact information in the application form and register on the site. After that you will be offered to fill in a questionnaire. Having opened your profile page you may enter additional information about yourself. 
Within 24 hours a supervisor of the Program will send you a message to arrange your first talk through the Skype voice application.

  2. Talk to the supervisor of the Program via Skype;

    duration of the talk — 15-20 minutes. The purpose of the talk is:

    1. to check the candidate’s seriousness of intentions — whether he/she has come to the online meeting on time, how he/she describes his/her motivation for participation, etc.
    2. to collect more information about the participant — age, business experience, plans, etc.
    3. to find out in what stream and with what intensity the candidate wants to participate in the Business Workshop.
  3. Pay for participation in the Business Workshop.

    The payment must be made not later than 24 hours before the start of the training.

If all the steps are made timely, the access to all the teaching materials will be open to you on the first day of the Training-test.

From this moment on your supervisor will be in constant contact with you, always ready to help you cope with the program of the Business Workshop successfully.


The Cost of Participation in Pavel Klimets Business Workshop

Though Pavel Klimets lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine, the Business Workshop may accept participants from any other country of the world. That is why for the convenience of accounts we have chosen the universal currency of Vislinsky Club:

1 VSD (Vislinsky Dollar) = 1 USD.

The cost of the Business Workshop program depends on the intensity variant you choose.

Variant I  30 days  — 220 VSD.

If the participant chooses the first variant but does not meet the deadline, he/she may take one more thirty-day period for the same price — 220 VSD.

Variant II  60 days  — 380 VSD.

If the participant doesn’t keep within two-month term, he/she cannot pass on to the next stages of the Business Workshop.

We are convinced that the offered cost of participation in the Business Workshop is more than moderate for those who really want to:

  1. master entrepreneurial skills and qualities;
  2. create a professional presentation of one’s own business project;
  3. receive a chance to speak in front of the Investment Board and attract investments.

To make a payment the participants load money into their purse on the site with the help of the instruments available on the site.

The Criteria of Evaluating Investment Projects

The criteria described below are not categorical requirements — these are just desired features. The more your project corresponds to these criteria, the more chances you have for getting investments.

Moreover, you may start participating in the Business Workshop even if you have no project so far — the idea of your own project may take shape later or, to begin with, you may be offered a job in the “Olimp” Group of Companies in case of successful passing the Training-test.

Main Criteria:

The size of the expected gain

Investors are most interested in the projects gaining $100 000 a year and more.

Profitability of investments

Taking into account investment risks, the profitability of investments should be no less than 35% annually. Thus, a payback period does not exceed three years.


It is not necessary to invent a perpetual motion machine, but there should be an innovative approach to the project, no matter whether it is going to be a new approach to trading in toys or a new technology of arranging green spaces in shopping malls.


When the market is examined and analyzed in detail, realistically and fully, when you have a plan of promoting your product in the market, you have more chances that your product will be in demand.

The team

Ideally, there are several experts in various business directions in the team: specialists in the product area, finances, marketing, business development, etc. These experts should have sufficient personal experience as well as positive experience of team working.

The stage of the development of the project

The higher is the stage of the development of the project (there is a product, a team, cash flows, etc.), the more attractive the project is for investors.

Rules of Participation in Business Workshop

RULES of Participation in the Program of Pavel Klimets Business Workshop




1.1. Participation in the Program of Pavel Klimets Business Workshop (Program) permits a Participant to:

(1) master the skills, qualities and habits necessary for successful development of one’s own business;

(2) prepare a presentation of one’s own business project;

(3) receive investments.

1.2. The Program consists of three stages:

(I) The Training-test (Training); the Participant may choose between two variants of its duration — 30 or 60 days.

Having successfully passed the Training, the Participant goes over to the second stage.  

(II) Preparing a presentation of a business project; the duration of this stage is 7-10 days. 

At this stage a personal business consultant helps every participant create a professional presentation of a personal business project. 

(III) Presentation of the project in front of the Investment Board (IB).

The Investor is provided with each participant’s references written by the supervisors and consultants of the Program. The Investor appoints the time of the Investment Board meeting and invites the Participant for the presentation of his/her business project. As a rule, meetings of Investment Board are held once a month in Kiev, Ukraine.   

1.3. In case the Investor makes a positive investment decision, he allocates seed investments for testing the viability of the project (working model, reaction of the market, etc.). The terms of testing the project and expected results are also stipulated. The business consultant works with the Participant during all the test period. Upon finishing the test period another meeting of the Participant with the Investor is organized to demonstrate: (a) the proofs of the viability and good prospects of the project; (b) a complete business plan. After that the Investment Board makes a decision about investments in the necessary amount and an investment contract is signed with the Investor. 




2.1. To sign up for the Program the Participant fills in a special application form on the site and after that completes a questionnaire offered to him/her.

2.2. The application is sent to the Supervisor who within 24 hours connects with the participant through Skype, e-mail or personal messages on the site and arranges the first online talk. 

2.3. After the talk the Supervisor informs the Participant of the start date of the Program and discusses the plan of actions of the Participant.




3.1. The Participant chooses one of the four offered themes and starts studying it.

3.2. Each theme consists of two equally important and simultaneously studied parts — theoretical and “practical” ones. Having passed the tests on the studied theme, the Participant may switch over to mastering the next theme.  

3.2.1. The theoretical part consists of independent study of video materials and teaching documents. The access to these materials is open as soon as the Participant chooses the theme and starts studying.

3.2.2. The “practical” part of the Training provides for mastering the necessary business skills on “The Master” online game simulator. 3-4 participants get together for an online game session, they communicate through the Skype voice application and practice the chosen skills using our special game application. All the participants fulfill the game tasks on the basis of their own business projects. Upon finishing the study of the theme, the Participant takes the exam on the simulator and is examined by his/her supervisor. The Participant is given a certain business situation in which he/she has to display the necessary skill.     

3.3. From two to three participants may take part in each game session on the simulator including a player-moderator who is appointed and trained by the Supervisor. 

3.4. The number of game sessions for practicing the skills of one theme depends on the Participant’s personal speed and quality of studying the chosen theme. During the Training each participant has to master the skills of all the four themes and pass the necessary exams and tests. The participants take all the responsibility for studying the themes and mastering the skills upon themselves. If the Participant does not manage to allocate his/her time for finishing the Training in the required terms, he/she is not allowed to pass on to the next stages. 

3.5. Some skills and habits are practiced in a “background mode”: obligation (timely start of all the planned classes and game sessions), ability to plan (allocating necessary time for studying the teaching materials, practicing the skills and taking the exams and tests), organizational skills (making arrangements with co-players and supervisors about the meetings, games, exams etc.).

3.6. If the Participant breaks the Rules, does not come to the planned online meetings or is late for them, does not send the reports in time, cannot allocate the time for study and practice, does not take exams, then this Participant loses his/her chance to go on with the Program and to work on the presentation of his/her project under the guidance of the personal business consultant and to get investments.  




4.1. In the process of studies the Participant may turn to his/her Supervisor for consultation and advice, with questions on fulfilling personal tasks and practicing the chosen skills. 

4.2. After each simulator session the Participant sends a report on the results of practicing the chosen skills to the Supervisor.  

4.3. In the process of mastering the skills the Participant may make notes in his/her Diary describing important thoughts and ideas, discoveries in the process of fulfilling the tasks and playing simulator games; new impressions; personal advice to other participants, etc. The notes of the Diary can be made public for other participants’ of the Training and the Supervisor at the Participant’s discretion. 




5.1. The Participant may start the classes of the Business Workshop only after making a payment.  

5.2. The payment is made in the Club Vislinsky currency — Vislinsky Dollars.

1 VSD (Vislinsky Dollar) = 1 USD.

5.3. The cost of the Business Workshop Program depends on the intensity variant the Participant chooses. 

Variant I.  30 days — 220 VSD.

If the Participant chooses the first variant but does not meet the deadline, he/she may take one more thirty-day period for the same price — 220 VSD.

Variant II.  60 days — 380 VSD.

5.4. The above mentioned price provides for all the stages of the Program. 

5.5. If the Participant does not pass on to the second stage owing to the above mentioned or any other reasons, the money for participation in the Program is not reimbursed.  

5.6. The payment may be made by transferring money through the following online services: 

➢ Interkassa

➢ WebMoney

➢ PayPal