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About Vislinsky Method

Over the previous decades information flows and consumer markets have increased significantly. Correspondingly, the number of questions and issues a person has to solve at a time is also growing. Meanwhile, the speed of sensible information processing remains practically unchanged. A person spends most part of his/her life on solving simple, current, momentary issues, putting off difficult issues which are still very important for self-realization. Unsolved important issues accumulate, thereby causing depressions, stresses, growing feeling of diffidence and general confusion of values of modern man.

This very understanding of the current situation has been an incentive for the authors of the Project to work out a method which could enable a person, first of all, to make fast and effective decisions; secondly, to restore his/her self-confidence; and, thirdly, to form his/her own conscious system of values including ethical values in the first place. 

Thus, following several years of persistent work, tests and experiments the Vislinsky Method has been developed. This method is implemented in the form of a game — for the most interesting and light practical application evading resistance.

The goal of the Vislinsky Method consists in the following:

➢ to enable a person to find effective conscious solutions for urgent issues quickly and with keen interest;

➢ to provide a person with a training tool for correcting and improving his/her communicative and behavioral skills for effective solution of new actual issues;

➢ to develop a person’s creative abilities and ethical values which, to the authors’ mind, form the basis of growth of each Personality and an essential condition of the progress of the civilization.


Theatre V

How can I find an answer to my vital issue? I feel, I know that there is a solution for this issue, but how can I find it and define it? In other words, how can I draw this answer to the surface of my awareness?

Playing the “Theatre V” Game and being pulled into amusing game situations, we, first, release a powerful potential of our creative abilities and, second, display our characteristic models of thinking without even noticing it. Becoming aware of my own habitual constructions of thinking and problem-solving, I make a series of discoveries and receive a number of insights. Gradually I begin to understand the mechanism which holds me back from successful solving my urgent issue and start controlling and correcting it. At the same time I see my strengths and resources. Eventually I find an answer to my vital question.

The “Theatre V” Game is played online through an original game application. From 1 to 4 players and a game master take part in a game. They communicate using the Skype voice application. Most often each game consists of several game sessions, each of them lasts 2-3 hours on the average. A player chooses a game master and co-players he/she wishes to play with and an appropriate time of the game session in the Games Schedule

A participant may play each new game session with a different game master and different co-players. At the same time the program “memorizes” the player’s position on the Game Board, his/her keys, description of the Obstacles, Resources and Opportunities. After finishing a game session all the issues being solved, the keys, the co-players’ comments and the solutions are kept in each player’s Games History page.

All the game tasks are based on the works of art of different countries, epochs and genres: music, painting, architecture, literature, cinematography. Creative work of great masters obviously and subconsciously inspires us for successful finding an original, unique way of solving actual issues, our own unique course of life.

If a player chooses to do so, he/she may learn to become a professional “Theatre V” game master.

Still, it is recommended to start as a player first so that to experience the effectiveness and attractiveness of this game method of finding solutions for your urgent life issues.

We wish you impressive, unforgettable and effective games!


The “Visions Theatre” is a truly revolutionary GAME of Vislinsky Club!

From now on you may play with your friends, relatives, colleagues and clients without game masters, consultants and supervisors at any time of day or night. While playing, you will find answers for the most important questions of yours and of your co-players. Now you have an instrument of practical aid to yourself and people around you. And you will certainly see to what extent people need and appreciate your support and help.

This new game is sure to suit the taste of those who have repeatedly played our other games –  “Theatre V” , “Theatre S” of the Synton Theatre training,  “Theatre FM”  of the “Happy Relations” training, “The Master” of the Business Workshop training. However, while playing those games you needed the support of the game masters, supervisors or consultants. Now you may do everything all by yourself: you create a game session, invite people, moderate a game, solve your urgent issues and help your co-players find their important solutions.

As compared to other games of the Club, the “Visions Theatre” Game has the largest number of game categories and the biggest variety of game tasks. At the same time this game is quite simple, fascinating and dynamic.

The cost of participation in the “Visions Theatre” Game is fixed — 5 VSD (1 Vislinsky Dollar = 1 USD) for a game session which may last up to 5 hours at the players’ discretion. Still, the participation in the game is free for the players-moderators of the game.

How to become a player-moderator of the “Visions Theatre” Game”?

This procedure is free and quite simple. Send an e-mail to with the only phrase “I want to become a player-moderator of the “Visions Theatre” Game!” and specify your Skype address.

A professional game master (GM) of the Club will contact you and arrange an online talk. During this meeting the GM will teach you to create and moderate a game session. Then the GM will activate your game master’s panel on the site and will teach you to use it. After that the GM will send you a scenario of the game. All the teaching procedure will take no more than one hour.

That’s it. From that moment on you will be able to moderate the “Visions Theatre” games as many times as you want. When you have moderated more than 30 games, you get a chance to undergo a free training workshop to become a professional “Theatre V” game master. Having passed an exam, you will become a professional game master and will be able to earn money organizing games for your clients all over the world.

Let us help other people become at least a tiny bit happier! We can do it together!

Art Discourse is a unique game — there are no analogues to it in the world.

You choose a certain piece of art with a virtual roulette and find yourself in an unusual situation. What will your reaction to this situation be? And what will the reaction of other people be to your thoughts and actions?

As a result of such seemingly unpretentious interlacing of reactions, we get a sketch of your life situation together with an issue you are solving, very beautiful in form and deep in meaning. But it’s easier and quicker to play than to talk about it. You can play as a player or as a commentator.

If you are a player, you may take part in the Game only after formulating your actual issue. To do this, enter "My Page" and write your urgent issue in one of the three fields of "My Main Issues." As soon as you do this, you will see the list of your future actions under your issue, one of them is "Play Art Discourse." Choose it with the help of the mouse and play the game.

If you are a commentator, go to the Art Discourse page — All Games, look through the game topics and players’ issues and choose one to comment on. Look through the player’s task, his/her media content (pictures or video) and then read the players questions and answers carefully. Then click the “Comment” button and answer all the questions. Only the player who did the task will be able to read your comment.

If the player evaluates your comment you will get a message. All of your comments will be saved in Game History – Commentator.

You may read about the Art Discourse Game in detail here .

Dear friends! Let us introduce authors and certified game masters of the "Theatre V" Game in Vislinsky Club.
When you read about a game master, pay attention to his/her contact information; if you want to play with this game master — write a letter to him/her and arrange a game at a suitable time beforehand. You may also write a message to a game master on the site of Vislinsky Club. Most game sessions are now conducted according to preliminary agreement between players and a game master and you won’t see such games in the Games Schedule. Besides, if you have questions about the procedure of the games, any game master may answer them.

“Theatre V” Game Master Certificate # 00-01

Vyacheslav Garin — creator of the Project “Vislinsky Club,” author of the Games “Theatre V,” “Art Discourse,” game master. 

Vyacheslav has combined all his knowledge and likings with his practical experience in the frames of this project. Having received his first higher education in the sphere of linguistics, Vyacheslav spent three years at the University doing research in the field of interconnection between the language and the thought. After that he worked in the bank and simultaneously got his second higher education in the sphere of finance. Then Vyacheslav created an investment company, became a EBRD consultant in the CIS, worked in one of the largest investment funds in the USA and at the same time read lectures for  graduates of economic faculty of Yale University. In 1994 the City Council of Colorado Springs (Colorado) awarded Vyacheslav with the title of the Honorary Citizen.   
In partnership with Frank R. Pucelik, one of the founders of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), Vyacheslav became a business consultant for enterprises working on the territory of the CIS. In 1999 Vyacheslav became a co-founder of the Jerusalem Centre for Inner Peace and travelled many countries with his author workshop on Daoism. Since 2002 Vyacheslav became engaged in business again —he started a number of innovation projects in Ukraine, became the head of a developing company in Dubai, UAE. 
Since 2010 Vyacheslav has been completely focused on developing his author project of “Vislinsky Club.”


“Theatre V” Game Master Certificate #  00-02

Yelena Vislinsky — co-author of the "Theatre V" and "Art Discourse" Games, game master, philologist, translator. 

After graduating from the University Yelena conducted research in the sphere of English philology and taught English to students in Russia. Later she concentrated on interpreting and translating activities. She translated several books of one of the founders of NLP Frank Pucelik (“Reality Wars,” “The Magic ofNLP demystified.”).
Yelena’s love to literature, music, theatre and interest in arts is combined with her sincere interest in people. As the ancients said, “Who is wise? The one who learns from every person.” 

Yelena has been engaged in the “Theatre V” games from the moment of their creation and has tested their efficiency on herself: “I love the moments of insights in the Game, when you become aware of something very important, when you start seeing habitual things in an absolutely new light, when all of a sudden you see how else you can use your talents and abilities, when you realize that obvious things become completely unbelievable! It all happens just because you have looked at habitual things from a different point of view. And having seen yourself and the world around you as if for the first time in your life, you suddenly become aware where to move further and what for.”


“Theatre V” Game Master Certificate #  00-03

Alina Vislinsky — the "Theatre V" game master, developer of the content of the "Theatre V" and "Art Discourse" Games, translator. Master of Sciences in Psychology (the School of Psychology at University of Southampton, England). 

Alina has been travelling since her childhood and has learned to quickly adapt to new life conditions, to easily part with things and to value human relationships in the first place. Interest in the inner world of a person, desire to look into cobwebs of relations between people and to comprehend the human perception of himself and the world around him have influenced the choice of an occupation.  

As the youngest game master of the “Theatre V” Game, Alina prefers to play with young people. At the same time she displays much interest in the games with the older players and takes these sessions most attentively. 


“Theatre V” Game Master Certificate #  00-05

Alexander David Kilcoyne — the "Theatre V" game master, developer of the content of the "Theatre V" and "Art Discourse" Games,

Alexander is a Bsc graduate in Information Technology in Organisations and currently working towards fulfilling MSc Management in England. His particular academic interests are Leadership Styles and Corporate Culture. 

Other than his academic interests in business and economics, Alexander is particularly interested in psychology, having achieved an A level in the subject at college and maintaining an interest throughout his adulthood.

Alexander says, "I began to GM for Vislinsky Games during a gap year in Ukraine and I find the process extremely intriguing from a psychological perspective."

Alexander particularly enjoys the insights of other people in relation to feedback from game tasks and is a relatively new GM. He is passionate about role-playing and therefore enjoys performing GMing tasks with such an aspect to them. Alexander is well trained and is usually knowledgeable to some extent about a very broad range of subjects.

“Theatre V” Game Master Certificate #  00-11

Oksana Volnaya — art therapist, author of webinars, game master.

Oksana says, “Since childhood I have believed that if at least one person can achieve something great, than any other person also has such a possibility if he really wants to do it. And then I started studying all kinds of methods and techniques which can help me and others grow, discover new abilities and use all possible resources on the way to the cherished dreams. And, indeed, my personal experience shows that each of us is capable of solving any urgent issue, but most of us are held back by our inner restrictions.

That is why my activities as a game master have become really important and interesting as I can assist many people on their ways to their dreams which are step by step implemented into practice. I help the players stir up the processes of awareness and understand better how to interact with the surrounding world. The “Theatre V” Game is a kind of a “catalyst” which makes it possible for players to see their true goals and desires, to broaden their ideas about their resources and opportunities, to free themselves from mental restrictions and to find the most effective way of solving their actual issues.”