Happy Relations

A unique online game training


Do you easily make new acquaintances?

Do you remember when you really fascinated your interlocutor?

Learn to communicate with other people, understand them and build long-lasting relationships filling your life with joy and inspiration!

Who is this training program designed for?

  • You have got tired of loneliness and dream of finding a partner in life.
  • You want to learn how to build harmonious relations with the people around you.
  • You have always wanted to be able to speak so that everyone listened to you with bated breath.
  • You aspire to overcome endless conflicts in the family or at work.
  • You want to be able to make new acquaintances and start a conversation with strangers easily.
  • You dream about a close-knit and happy family.

The minimum of theory — the maximum of practice

“Happy Relations” is an online training simulator where one can reconstruct any life situations, learn to manage them and achieve one’s goals.

You choose among 15 proposed skills for training and then practice them in an online game together with several other participants of the program.

In the process of the game you get into various life situations. To cope with them you need to apply the skills you are practicing.

The co-players take part in your game tasks playing different roles and then share their opinions and impressions, give their advice as to how to cope with the given situation better.

Under the supervision of your personal consultant you master the chosen skills to perfection.

About the Head of the Project

Psychology and everything around it is the leading motive of my life. It is a great joy and good luck to see how the lives of those people who turn to me for help are transformed for the better!

I am convinced that good relationships promote harmony in life, success in the creative work and business, splendid health and vividness of life. That is why I invite you to improve your communicational qualities and skills during the “Happy Relations” online game training.

Participation in the training is not only a wonderful method of becoming aware of your thoughts and actions, understanding your true desires and finding a way of realizing them, but also a unique opportunity to get in touch with the world of poetry, painting, theatre, music — the media content of our games is a real encyclopedia of inspiration and aesthetics.

Thus, if you choose moving in the direction of happiness, joy and love, I will gladly be your travelling companion.

With love and gratitude, Valentina Sharpar

What does a participant get?

  • Unlimited access to the online training game during 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: you need only to invite other participants of the program to play with you.
  • Four online group meetings with the consultant.
  • Individual consultations of the professional supervising psychologist.
  • Training materials and individual exercises for practicing the chosen skills.
  • An opportunity to look at different life situations through the eyes of another person.
  • Forming a habit of regular keeping a personal diary for watching and analyzing your progress.
  • An opportunity to individually regulate the speed of passing each stage of the training.


The game has given me an opportunity to see the problems which kept me from living a full life. I have received valuable information, started using it in practice and now I have begun to feel the results. It has become much more interesting for me to communicate with other people, I learn to speak about my feelings and desires…

I have started the training with admitting that there is much work for me to do in the sphere of relationships. And that was my first insight. The second one showed me that with each and every day it became easier and easier for me to find common language with any person in my life. And it didn’t matter whether it was a phone talk, an internet conversation or a direct face to face communication… Opportune assistance of other participants and consultants gave me a positive feeling of warm-hearted involvement of my good friends in the changes happening to me. All the atmosphere of the games, consultations, group meetings, webinars and other forms of communication in the framework of the training created fertile ground for thought, support for my heart and hope for my soul…

Participation in the games and communication with other participants of the project brought me a very useful experience. It has become clear to me that all the people are different and unique at the same time and this very fact makes our life multifaceted and diverse. Communication with like-minded people opens up a lot of possibilities for analysis of my potential and shows new ways of achieving my goals.

The first stage of the training gave me a chance to look into myself more attentively. I believe this is my main achievement in the process of personal growth. The qualities I have and those skills I have practiced during the training make it possible for me to create a more harmonious life for myself and my close people.

After this training I have begun to value my own smile, and a smile of my son, and a smile of any person approaching me. My small family has become more close-knit and unanimous and I feel warm in this wonderful atmosphere at my home. I have started choosing better clothes for myself, I am glad to hear compliments from people around me, though in the past I felt shy when someone paid attention to me. Together with negative thoughts, I left a couple of excess kilos in the past. Even my manner of speech has changed, I have stopped criticizing myself with or without any cause, I have become gentler in communication with people. I like my present state of mind and I am eager to go forward.

I want to get married! Previously I was afraid to say it aloud! And all the more so, I concealed it from men around me. Today I have learned to talk about my desire easily, joyfully, with humour and positive approach. After the training I have become a different person. Now I can present myself with self-esteem displaying my best qualities. I have learned to listen to another person and to hear him/her, to ask questions and to take answers into account. As a result, I have already been invited to several dates. It has become easier and more interesting to make new acquaintances. Today I feel splendid! I am calm. I am self-confident. I talk to people. I flirt with men. And I enjoy all of it very much! I thank everyone who organizes this wonderful training and gives us an opportunity to learn, improve our skills, perfect ourselves and achieve our goals so easily and joyfully in the process of the game!

How to participate in the training?

  • The training consists of three stages: (1) Tuning, (2) Resonance, (3) Contact
  • Each stage lasts 21 days
  • The cost of each stage is $100
  • Just click the “Join the training” button
  • Within 24 hours a consultant will contact you and answer all the questions
  • After that you will be able to make a final decision about your participation in the training