Pavel Klimets Business Workshop Affiliate Agreement

Pavel Klimets Business Workshop
Affiliate Agreement
This Agreement is concluded between the “Vislinsky Corp.” Company (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and the Affiliate with the purpose of promoting Pavel Klimets’ Business Workshop on the web site of the Company  
1.  Registration
1.1. Registering in the Business Workshop Affiliate Program presupposes that the Affiliate accepts the conditions of this Agreement and undertakes to comply with them.   
1.2. Registration in the Program gives the Affiliate a status of the Partner of the Company and enables him/her to receive commission of the sales of the clients attracted within the framework of the Affiliate Program.    
2. Obligations of the Parties
2.1. The Affiliate undertakes to place graphic or textual links of the Business Worshop on his/her web site and/or in the invitations of new users, in the e-mail, in the social networks, etc.   
2.2. The Company undertakes to credit the commission to the Affiliate’s account in conformity with the order of payments (see Paragraph 6).  
2.3. Any of the Parties is entitled to terminate the Affiliate Agreement at any time.
2.4. The Parties undertake to comply with the legislation of the country of their residence as well as with the international legislation regulating advertising activities and e-mail correspondence.  
3. Affiliate Relationships
3.1. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the rules of organization of the Business Workshop and any other operating procedures.  
3.2. The Company cannot be made accountable for consequences of any error while fulfilling the Affiliate Program including but not limiting itself to the human factor.  
3.3. The Affiliate may use the graphic and textual links not only on his/her own web site, but also in e-mailing the addressees of his/her data base. 
3.4. The Client attracted to the Company by the Affiliate has the same rights and obligations as any other user of the Vislinsky Club web site. 
4. Deprivation of the Affiliate Status
The participation in the Affiliate Program and the Affiliate status may be suspended or cancelled by the Company owing to one of the following reasons:
•        fraudulent actions of the Affiliate;
•        intellectual property rights abuse;
•        improper advertising (false statements and links leading the clients into error);
•        illegal e-mailing (spam, etc.);
•        advertising on the sites containing the content prohibited by the legislations of the country of jurisdiction.  
5. Tracing the Sales
When a user clicks on the Affiliate’s personal link, the System preserves a unique identifier of the Affiliate in the user’s web-client local data during 90 days. In case of this user’s registration on the site during the given period of time, the System will identify him/her as a user who has entered the web site using the Affiliate’s personal link provided that the corresponding cookie are not deleted from the user’s web-client.   
6. Payment of the Commission
6.1. Accrual of the Affiliate Commission is carried out only if a person is a registered Affiliate of the Company.
6.2. The Affiliate Program Commission is calculated on the basis of the sum of the client’s payment for the participation in the Business Workshop. The Commission is assigned as soon as the user who has entered the web site by clicking the Affiliate’s personal link pays for the participation in the Business Workshop. 
6.3. The size of the Commission is $50 if the attracted client pays for 30-day course of the Business Workshop ($220) and $70 if the attracted client pays for 60-day course of the Business Workshop ($380).
6.4. The Affiliate may dispose of the earned Commission by one of the two available ways:
(а) transfer the sum of the Commission to his/her User’s Purse in the System of and then spend the money on any services of Vislinsky Club at his/her discretion. The Affiliate may transfer the money to his/her Purse in full or in part without any charges at any moment 20 (twenty) days after the Affiliate Commission has been credited to the account.    
(b) send a request for transferring the money to the Affiliate’s bank account. In this case the Company ensures the payment of the Commission once a month, from the first to the fifth day of every month under review, provided that the Affiliate sends a request to the e-mail by the end of the month under review and that the Affiliate Commission is valid on the day of payment.    
6.5. If the total amount of transfer is more than $200, then it is transferred without any charges. If the Affiliate requests to transfer $200 or less, the Company charges 5% of the sum of the transfer. 
6.6. The Commission becomes valid for transfer after the period of 20 (twenty) days which is necessary for checking the Affiliate order. If within 20 (twenty) days the user refuses to participate in the Business Workshop by any reason, the Commission is annulled. 
7. The Agreement Conditions
7.1. The conditions of the given Agreement come into force from the moment of the Affiliate’s registration in the Affiliate Program.  
7.2. The Agreement is terminated after cancellation of the Affiliate’s account.
7.3. The conditions of the given Agreement may be changed by the Company at any time. If after making the changes the Affiliate considers his/her cooperation with the Company unprofitable, he/she may send a claim for termination of the Affiliate Agreement. The Affiliate’s further participation in the Affiliate Program will mean his/her agreement with any changes. The changes take force after publishing a new variant of the Affiliate Agreement on the web site of the Company. 
7.4. By registering in the Affiliate Program the Affiliate acknowledges the fact that he/she has read the conditions of this Agreement, understands them and agrees to comply with them.
8. Settlement of Disputes
8.1. In case of any dispute the Parties are guided by the given Agreement as well as by the international legislation regulating suchlike relations.