Art Discourse. How to play?

Art Discourse is a unique game – there are no analogues to it in the world. You choose a certain piece of art with a virtual roulette and find yourself in an unusual situation. What will your reaction to this situation be? And what will the reaction of other people be to your thoughts and actions?

As a result of such seemingly unpretentious interlacing of reactions, we get a sketch of your life situation together with an issue you are solving, very beautiful in form and deep in meaning.  But it’s easier and quicker to play than to talk about it. You can play as a player or as a commentator.

If you are a player, you may take part in the Game only after formulating your actual issue. To do this, enter "My Page" and write your urgent issue in one of the three fields of "My Main Issues." As soon as you do this, you will see the list of your future actions under your issue, one of them is "Play Art Discourse." Choose it with the help of the mouse and play the game in the following way: 

1.     Choose one of the three game types of Art Discourse. For the first time, rely on your intuition – it won’t let you down.

2.     Concentrate on your issue, spin the roulette and then press the “next” button.

3.     Take a good look at the chosen images or video and read the task.

4.     Answer each question you get after pressing the “Next” button.

5.     After you have answered all of the questions, your game will appear in the list on the Art Discourse page, in the “All Games” section.

6.     By default settings you can play three free games and receive two comments from two different people for each game. You can see these comments on the Art Discourse page – My Games section.

6.1. You may buy additional comment on your fulfilled game task for 2 VSD.

6.2. You may play additional Art Discourse game for 4 VSD (after you have played three free games).

The game tasks which are paid for will be placed first in the list of Art Discourse games (in the "All Games" section). 

7.     You have a chance to evaluate each comment with a corresponding sign:


 Like! If you liked the comment


 Cooperation key – for the best comment. You can reward only one player who commented on your task with this key. 


 Don't like! 



If you receive a meaningless or insulting comment, you may complain to the administration of the website to the e-mail:

8.      If you don’t want to receive any more comments or you have read all the comments you have and want to archive the game, then you can click the “Archive” button on the Art Discourse page – My Games section. This button is situated under the comments.

9.     All of the games you have played will be kept in the Game History – Player – Art Discourse.


If you are a commentator:

1.     Go to the Art Discourse page – All Games, look through the game topics and players’ issues and choose one to comment on.

2.     Click the “Details” button, look through the player’s task, his media content (pictures or video) and then read the players questions and answers carefully.

3.     Click the “Comment” button and answer all the questions. Try to answer extensively and sincerely – it is important for the player to know your honest opinion. Only the player who did the task will be able to read your comment.

4.     If the player evaluates your comment you will get a message. The more Cooperation keys you get, the higher will your rank in Art Discourse game be.

5.     All of your comments will be saved in Game History – Commentator.


ATTENTION! If a player/commentator uses obscene words in the game, or insults the Club members with his/her words and phrases, or fulfills the game tasks nonchalantly or disrespectfully, his/her game will be deleted from the list of Art Discourse games. If such cases are repeated in future, this user will be removed from the Club with no prior warning!