To those who want to play as a Game Master

One can play Vislinsky Games in two different roles  either as a Player seeking for the solution of the actual issue or as a Game Master (GM)  guiding the players through the game.

The general task of GM is to moderate the game process so that each player can find the most efficient solution of his or her issue. It demands from GM certain knowledge and skills but most importantly  sincere desire to help people to cope with their issues. Thus, in the game process GM is solving his/her important issue  to help each player in finding a practical solution.

So  how to become a GM of Vislinsky Games?

The Procedure of Training a Theatre V Game Master





An Applicant plays not less than 3 (three) game sessions as a player with not less than two different game masters.

depending on the game session


An Applicant sends an Application of a free form, a Résumé and a completed Questionnaire (enclosed below) to the e-mail:



Vislinsky Corp. (hereinafter referred to as  the Company) assigns a supervising game master (Supervisor) to the Applicant. The Supervisor considers the Application, the Résumé and the Questionnaire and gets recommendations from the game masters the Applicant played the games with. After that the Supervisor has an online interview with the Applicant.




In case of taking a decision that the Applicant may become a professional game master, the Supervisor offers the Applicant to sign the document  «The Procedure of Game Master Training.» Signing the Document.




After payment the Applicant receives and studies a Handbook for a Theatre V Game Master and a Scenario of one Themed Game.
In the course of studying these documents the Applicant may receive one free consultation of the Supervisor (up to one hour).  

additional consultation                20


Instruction on how to use the program applications of a game master.



The Supervisor takes part in the first game session which the Applicant runs as a game master.  Online consultation after the first session (up to 1,5 hours).




The Supervisor takes part in the test game session which the Applicant runs as a game master. Analysis of the test game session after the game.



Online training on how to conduct «the Square» (the final stage of the game). Before that the Applicant should complete the following:

1) play the Square as a player at least in one themed game and get a Solution Key;  

2) pass the first test game successfully.



The Supervisor takes part in the second test game session of the Applicant as a game master (this game must include «the Square»). Analysis of the test game session after the game.  



Online training on how to conduct Individual Games.



The Supervisor takes part in the third test game session of the Applicant as a game master conducting an Individual Game session. Analysis of the Individual Test Game.



TOTAL (minimum):



After signing the Document (#4) each subsequent stage of training is carried out when the Applicant is ready for it but not later than 5 (five) days after finishing the preceding stage. Concrete time of online training and of training and test games is agreed with the Supervisor individually. If the Applicant cannot meet the deadlines of the training stages, he/she may arrange with the Supervisor about the postponement beforehand. If the Applicant fails to agree upon the postponement and does not pass all the training stages in the planned time, the Company unilaterally declines all responsibility of further training the Applicant, in so doing all the previously made payments are not refunded.     

In the event that the Applicant retakes a test game session, each recurring game is paid by the Applicant additionally in the sum of 50 VSD(USD). 

After successful passing all the test games the Company offers the Applicant to sign a Contract.                                                              

Having signed the Contract, the Applicant receives the Scenarios of all the themed games, as well as the Game Master Certificate which enables the Applicant to conduct paid games.

For charging players GM uses the billing system of “Vislinsky Inc.” In doing so GM is responsible for paying taxes in correspondence with the laws of the state where he/she works.


If you are interested in becoming a Theatre V Game Master, fill in the questionnaire below and send it to the e-mail:

  • First Name, Last Name:
  • Year of Birth:
  • Education:
  • Experience in working with people (Describe):
  • What social networks do you take part in?
  • Knowledge of foreign languages:
  • Any additional information about yourself:

The preference is given to sociable people, 22 – 50 years of age, experienced in working as teachers, lecturers, psychologies, consultants, trainers, organizers.


In order to become GM there is no demand to have a psychology degree or some other specific degree. However, it would be a vast misunderstanding to simplify and underestimate the role of GM.  Of course, if you play with your friends and acquaintances just for fun, you really needn’t go deep into all the manuals, recommended articles and books  on psychology, philosophy and the arts. But if you plan to help people professionally and also charge for the help, then you will have to study a lot and also train a lot. For developing the necessary professional skills you may play hundreds of sessions over several years.

However, the more you will play the game and develop the skills, the deeper you will be able to understand people  thus, the help you can give to others will also increase.

There is no such a peak in the game, reaching which you will be able to say that you cannot go higher. From each peak you will certainly see views of new, even more attractive and unexplored peaks.